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Regulatory Texts & Articles

Aviation (Civil & Military)

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Applying the Justizvergütungs- und -entschädigungsgesetz, listed under § 11 für Übersetzungen allows fees for translation services to be between 1,55 € bis 2,05 € per line of text. I charge € 1.80 per line.

Minimum Scope

  • Translations German ↔ Englisch ↔ German: 45.- €
  • Interpreter (Simultaneous): On Request
  • Polizeiliche Ermittlungen (Verhöre, Kriminelle Ermittlungen) : Auf Anfrage

Please have legal documents, such as TOS, Law or Regulatory Text, Contracts translated by a certified translator.

Notarization Services

Translations of Transcripts, Awards, Certificates to be presented to government entities generally require a certified/ sworn translator and in many cases some sort of notarization. I am not authorized to offer this service. I cannot recommend any particular translation business to you, either.

There is a  Datenbank vereidigter Übersetzer (in Germany) which will make a list of certified and authorized translators available to you. Please refrain from asking me how to use the website above.