Don’t hire someone because they were successful at their last job and tell them to recreate whatever they did right in the past. Instead, hire someone with proven creative imagination and world wide experience in multiple fields who can read your geography, environment, culture and business structure and then come out with something new and exciting and ultimately successful.

Aviation Consulting

  • Aviation Training/ Flight Schools
  • Aviation Marketing/ Advertising
  • Public Relations & Website Management
  • Corporate Social Media Management
  • Aircraft Acquisition Research
  • Aircraft Mission Planning
  • Aviation Advertising/ Sales
  • Customer ServiceĀ 
  • Writing, Editing & Proofreading

Pictschas002Supposedly, a consultant is an expert or a professional in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of a subject matter. When trying to find such a person for your business, you are under as much pressure as the person you are asking for guidance. Consulting with others prior to making long ranging business decisions is considered wise, because it opens the subject matter up for interpretation by a (hopefully unbiased) second set of eyes. Good consultants do notĀ  always strike you as very excitable, but instead force you to look at your plans from a different viewpoint. At times this can be inconvenient. But, what makes any individual fully suited to consult you in your plans and business decisions? A college degree? Diplomas? A suit and a tie? Its Attitude! Email me if you would like to find out if and how I can help your business!