About Jason J. Baker

Jason4I was born 1975 in Fort Kent Maine and am a Dual Citizen. Raised bilingually and crazy about aviation since being 4 years old. The aircraft on the left reaches into my earliest memories, a ReimsĀ built Cessna F150J powered by a Rolls Royce engine. My grandfather bought the aircraft for the flying club I grew up with. Spending 90% of my childhood and teen years on the airport I was able to spend my early years surrounded by people who lived aviation. I began flying as a student at age 14, became a Private Pilot at age 18 and completed my first cross country flights in the airplane that made me look good in 1979.

Seaplanes062_1Current Pilot Credentials

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate (SEL/SES/MEL)
  • Instrument Rating – Airplane
  • Ground Instructor Certificate (AGI/IGI)
  • BZF1 (Radio Station Operator Permit)

Flight Experience

  • Flight Time ~ 1,000 Hours TT Logged
  • Gliders (Winch & Aero Tows)
  • Tow & Drop Pilot
  • Scenic, Photo & Fire Patrol
  • Aerobatic Training